We supply and install DCC equipment into all gauges and scales, down to some larger 'N' Gauge models, from all main manufacturers including market-leading ESU LokSound and Zimo Decoders and other parts, and ECoS controllers.

Our Promise to You

We work with you

We want you to be delighted with the results of our work, and we will help you set realistic expectations.

We will guide you towards success with DCC. If we use the components we recommend, your traction units will move like the real thing, and sound as near to it as we can make them.

  • Steam locos’ exhaust is synchronised with the wheels turning;
  • Diesels reproduce the clatter of engines starting while stationary, then growl as they get underway;
  • Brakes squeal as a loco comes to a halt, not before or after it stops.

Our service is full time. This means we work hard to give you a prompt turnround.

Our work is reliable and fully guaranteed for one year; components we supply are guaranteed by the manufacturer for two years.

We will fit any make of component you ask us to, subject to your preferred type being capable of doing what you specify.

In the unlikely event that a decoder or other component is faulty, we will help you to obtain a replacement under warranty from the manufacturer when we have supplied it.

Please note that manufacturers’ attitude can vary; in our experience, ESU – whose components we prefer to supply – are very good in such circumstances. Other manufacturers can be more difficult to deal with.

We can help you sort out problems with models already fitted with DCC, if you are not happy with what you have now.


We know from experience how frustrating it is to be told that your precious model is not going to be back with you for weeks or months. The time we take to complete your order will of course depend on several factors, but Andy Harris is now devoted full time to this work, so DCC Fitting will get your model back to you much quicker than average.

We believe we’re the only DCC fitting service in the UK available all day, six days a week. Andy is available to you for a chat from 8.30 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday – if he has to pop out during those hours just leave your name and number, and he’ll call you back very soon.


Sound is one of the trickiest areas in the DCC world. Some sound recordings have been made with the utmost care and at quite some cost, usually on heritage railways, where a loco is hired for the whole day and when every possible facet of its operation is captured. At the other end of the scale, some recordings have been synthesised on a computer and bear little relation to ‘real’ sounds. There are plenty of recordings around which fall somewhere between these two extremes.

At DCC Fitting we recognise that compromise is sometimes required, but in principle we are much happier to work with recordings of the real thing.

We promise that we will always be straight with our customers and offer you the best and most authentic sound available for your chosen prototype.


No one pretends that perfection comes without cost – but we promise you that our prices are fair, reasonable and very competitive, and have a close relationship to the amount of time needed to do the job properly.

We will always quote for your work in advance, and (honest errors excepted) we will never vary that price unless you change the specification while we have your job in hand.

DCC Fitting does not have to charge VAT on its services – the only VAT you pay is the small amount (often less than £10) charged to us by the component manufacturers for the decoder and any other parts which we supply and fit for you. Our reasonable pricing structure means that you pay no more than is fair in any case; the VAT saving on our fitting work can save you tens of pounds more per loco.