We supply and install DCC equipment into all gauges and scales, down to some larger 'N' Gauge models, from all main manufacturers including market-leading ESU LokSound and Zimo Decoders and other parts, and ECoS controllers.

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We can help you best if we talk over your needs. Andy Harris is always happy to talk to you about your models and what you’d like them to do.

Please do ring him, or buttonhole him at one of the major shows.

If you e-mail him first, do see below for the information we need before we can give you a quotation.

DCC Fitting


01934 510262; 8.30 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday

Hours of Business

8.30 am to 9 pm Monday to Saturday

Postal Address

12 Hanover Close, Weston-super-Mare BS22 7UJ



The Information we need before we can quote

Before we can give you an accurate quotation, we need answers to all the following questions:

Scale: 00 Scale; 0 Scale; Other (we do not normally work on TT or N gauge locos)

Loco Type: Steam/Diesel/Electric – Locomotive or Multiple Unit

Class of prototype loco

Model manufacturer

Is the model ‘DCC-ready’? If yes, does it have an 8-pin or 21-pin socket?

Your requirements: Loco control only; Sound as well; Lighting as well – please specify

Are you happy that we supply our preferred ESU Loksound or ZIMO components, or do you want other makes?

Brief description of your layout and any existing DCC system.

NB: Model manufacturers’ specifications may change without notice. Sometimes they are downgraded to save production costs and keep prices down. This can make some apparently identical models much more difficult to set up for DCC than other examples, which look just the same. Some model shops may still supply older-specification models while others provide the newer ones. It can occasionally be that we are only quite sure of what we are dealing with when we dismantle your model to work on it. If the work is going to take much longer than expected we will have to ask you to pay more for our extra time - but only after we warn you and agree any additional cost.