Covid 19/Coronavirus

Partial closure of DCC Fitting services until July

DCC Fitting Limited must limit its trading for up to three months from 31 March 2020. We are able to keep going at the moment but this must depend on the continued availability of necessary parts.

Please talk to Andy Harris first before sending us any model requiring new components to be fitted. He will know the latest situation and what can be done. Please call him on 01934 510262, strictly between 8.30am and 8pm Monday to Saturday.

Our main supplier (of ESU Loksound Decoders and related components, which we recommend and fit) is managing to keep operating during the current emergency, but cannot guarantee continuing supply since these parts are manufactured abroad. We have no choice but to follow suit.

Thanks to you all for your patience. We will post another announcement when we can resume normal services. Customers with whom we are in touch will be kept informed.

We supply and install DCC equipment from all main manufacturers, including market-leading ESU LokSound and Zimo decoders and other components, and new ECoS controllers.

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